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The internet can be a wonderful thing, but with so much unrestricted information available to all it can also be a dangerous thing.


The Security Industry has always been aware of the limitations and shortfalls associated with Euro Profile and UK Oval type Cylinders but until recent Internet and Media interest, this has been a closely guarded trade secret. The secret is now out in the public domain and you are at risk - if you have Upvc or Aluminum doors fitted at your Home or Business.


Regardless to how much your doors cost, regardless to how many Hooks or Bolts your door has, your door can be opened in seconds. If you do not have break secure and bump resistant Lock Cylinders fitted.


Also please be aware, there are no visible signs when a Lock Cylinder has been bumped open, this could cause problems when making a claim against your Household Insurance policy


• Locked up upvc doors and windows opened

• Jammed doors opened and repaired with no damage

• Replacement strips and gearbox systems in stock


These would not have been fitted to your existing doors by the door Manufacture

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